Adam Hamizan, Sy. Mia Sara, Kara Yee Siowchee,

Madelyn Jia Huey, Syuma Salihin & Arjun Thanaraju in Bunga Mimpi Yang Kembang Kuncup, from LAST NIGHT (2019), directed by Khairi Anwar


Theatresauce has been operating on a RM150,000 budget every season since 2017. We keep ticket prices affordable, remunerate every one of our artists, and charge low fees for classes and director training. Still, we need to keep up with high production costs, rental of our HQ, and exorbitant rates for external performance spaces . We've been relying on personal savings just to break even, but this cannot sustain the company in the long run. Theatresauce must depend on grants and donations in order to sustain our work into the future. If you're interested in lending a helping hand by becoming one of our patrons (with tons of perks!) please get in touch with Alexis Wong, our Funding Manager, at alexis@theatresauce.com. 

Individuals and groups who are making our 2021 season happen: 


Master Chefs (RM10,000+)

The Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA)

Sous Chefs (RM3,000 - RM5,999)

Prof. Don & Donna Bowyer

Pr. Chew Weng Chee & Pr. Lew Lee Choo


3-3 Jalan USJ 21/5

Subang Jaya​

47630 Selangor



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